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An effective plumbing system is one of the most crucial components of a property. Plumbing systems are often designed to affect water usage as well as the in-flow and out-flow of water. A well-functioning plumbing system allows daily activities such as showering, cleaning, and heating or cooling your home. However, plumbing problems may result in major disruptions or huge damage.

Ensuring that repairs are carried out immediately they are detected is important to prevent further damage that may even cost more. Additionally, proper maintenance of your plumbing system is absolutely important. Due to the importance of repairs or maintenance of your plumbing systems you need the skills and experience of reputable plumbing experts to protect your property from long term damage.

At AEP, we are equipped with the appropriate tools and knowledge to render you a long-lasting solution to ANY of your plumbing needs.  Our experts are committed to excellent services and customer satisfaction as such we deliver quality plumbing services that will make your plumbing systems function easily.

For installations, repairs, or maintenance in homes, businesses, hospitals, or factories, no matter how big or small the plumbing problem may be, our experts can handle it with professionally with the right tools and experience. We offer a wide range of professional plumbing services which involves installations, repairs and maintenance of the following plumbing components:

  • Evaluating building plans and specifications to establish the layout for plumbing and related materials
  • Install, repair and maintain sinks, tubs and toilets
  • Install supports and hangers for pipe, fixtures and equipment
  • Choose the size and type of pipe required
  • Spot and mark positions for connections and fixtures
  • Compile and install valves and fittings
  • Repair, install and maintain water treatment equipment, piping and controls
  • Maintain, install and repair water piping systems and underground storm sanitary
  • Identify required tools and special equipment
  • Repair, maintain and install water heaters and conditioners
  • Maintain, repair and install plumbing fixtures, appliances and trim
  • Test fixtures and pipe systems for leaks

Our plumbing experts also conduct the maintenance of all building codes, installation requirements, and applicable legislation, with responsibilities that include:

  • Performing scheduled maintenance service on plumbing systems and fixtures
  • Application of all codes to repairs, installations, and maintenance
  • Confirming all requirements as specified by the manufacturer of systems and fixtures are met
  • Confirming all repairs, installations, and maintenance are properly sized, aligned, supported and graded
  • Certifying all installations, maintenance and repairs meet the requirements of the appropriate codes
  • Ensure all maintenance, repairs and installations meet environmental protection requirements

Plumbing Remodeling

If you intend to remodel the plumbing systems of your house for whatever reason, our team of plumbing experts can help you handle it successfully. We can help you with a free accurate quote so you’ll know the exact cost of the remodeling project, the labor materials required and how long it will take to complete the project.

Apart from changing the plumbing set-up, plumbers may also find out if the present set-up can be remodeled or if any remodeling could be conducted in the future after the changes are completed.

Plumbing - Faucet Installation


Types of plumbing remodeling services:

  • Bathroom remodel: for rentals, Single Family Residence (SFR), PUD, Condos and residential homes.
  • Commercial plumbing and business office remodels
  • Kitchen remodels: for rentals, Condos, PUD, SFR, and residential homes.
  • Commercial kitchens remodels: for restaurants, business office building, strip malls, shopping plaza.

AEP Plumbing Services Special Offers

We appreciate the efforts of all our customers for patronizing us, and we are delighted to offer them special incentives. Additionally, our future customers can also benefit from our special offers by signing up to become members.   

What We Offer

All our customers are entitled to a $50 discount on our first visit to your home or business for any plumbing works. You can take advantage of this special offer to install, inspect, fix or call for maintenance services.  AEP Memberships comes with lots of benefits and we want you to enjoy these benefits for free. plumber-cupertino

Benefits of AEP Membership

For just $99.00 per annum, you can enjoy all the benefits of AEP Membership which include:

  • 1 free emergency call out per year which is a saving of around $200.00
  • Members get first priority over regular customers
  • 1 annual maintenance service included for free, saving $99.00
  • An up to 15% OFF member only discount for every job (electrical or plumbing)
  • If you add up all the savings here, our members can save around $500/- per year with a  $99.00 membership.

We are committed to rendering excellent customer service in every aspect of our work. Our customers’ satisfaction is always at the top of our priorities and we are always delighted to give you one less reason to bother about plumbing problems and safety.

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