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Our experts can handle any electrical service that you need. We have the skills, knowledge, experience and appropriate tools to handle your job professionally. Our team of experts can handle any domestic electrical service or commercial electrical service and leave you absolutely satisfied with a first-class service. Regardless of the size or type of electrical service you need, from simple tasks for private needs such as upgrading wires, adding power points, setting up new telephone points, and Internet points to huge tasks for business and commercial needs, we guarantee excellent customer service that will exceed your expectations. Our experts can help you handle any of the following domestic electrical services

Installation and Electrical Cabling

Electrical installations are one of the core functions of our electrical experts, and they can help you handle any of the following domestic installations successfully:

  • Swimming pool electrical systems
  • Power points and Ceiling fans
  • Safety switches, smoke detectors, surge arresters and in-home safety devices
  • Lighting installations for sports fields, gardens, interior, and security lighting
  • Mains and switchboard upgrades
  • Security and Intercom systems
  • White goods and appliances

Our installation and electrical cabling services are available 24/7 and you can contact us anytime, even during an emergency, and we will come to your location anywhere across Sydney.

AEP Electrical Fault Finding and Repair

Some appliances may fail to function properly or develop faults that are difficult to detect, at AEP our team of electrical experts are trained to handle such situations. Whenever you need to repair any of your appliances or you want to find out why any electrical system is not functioning as it should, contact us and let our experts solve the problem.

Some of our repair and fault finding services include:

  • Test and tag
  • All electrical equipment and appliances
  • Locating power outage faults
  • Hot water system repairs and installations

AEP Data and telecommunication services

Technology is constantly evolving at an amazing rate; new breakthroughs in the electrical sector have resulted in user-friendly, appliances and devices to make electrical components function better. Internet network makes it possible for users to control their home automation system regardless of their location.
At AEP we have fully licensed technicians on our team so you can be relaxed knowing that if you require data or network cabling, extra phone, or systems upgrades; our experts will guarantee you quality service.
Our experts can help you install home automation, remote control and centralized access, and with that you can handle the following easily:

  • Remote control of your home and systems via Internet connectivity
  • Climate ControlSaveEnergyLogo_modified
  • Home Theatre
  • Lighting
  • House and Garden
  • Total Control
  • Networking & Telecommunications
  • Security
  • Multi-room Audio

AEP Energy Efficient Practices

Electrical rates are constantly increasing as such consumers always need to find ways to reduce costs of electrical consumption through applicable energy efficient practices.
As Sydney population continues to increase, the demand on electrical grid also extends. By being conscious of electricity consumption, we can decrease our carbon footprint and assist in lightening the load on the grid.
At AEP our team of experts can offer you useful advice on any the following:

  • Energy efficient consulting for best practices
  • Energy efficient products including sensors and timers
  • Tariff changes/upgrade
  • Energy efficient appliance recommendations

Feel free to contact us for consultation about energy efficient practices that can help you save money around your home.

AEP Electrical Safety Devices and Practices You can take some measures to reduce risk of electrical
disaster and fire, and our team of experts can advise you on what you may need to make your home safer. We can also help you inspect or repair whatever you have in place or install a new one. Most electrical safety devices and practices often include

If you are interested in consultation about how to guarantee your home or workplace is effectively protected, contact AEP today.

Commercial Electrical Services

Workplace safety is absolutely important just like safety at home. A wrongly-handled electrical fault can cause lots of damages or even a disaster that may result to loss of property or even lives.
At AEP we provide several electrical services to commercial clients, which include:

  • Café’s
  • Corporates organizations
  • Restaurants and Fast Food outlets
  • Schools
  • Real Estates
  • Retirement Villages
  • Builders
  • Retail and wholesale outlets
  • Professional and medical practices, Hospitals
  • Shopping Centres
  • Project Managers
  • Clubs
  • Facilities Management Companies

You can contact us for any electrical service at your business or workplace, repairs, installations, inspections or maintenance. Our experts are always ready 24/7 to respond to emergency situations, and you can sign up for our AEP Membership and enjoy more benefits.
Other Electrical Services our team of licensed technicians can provide includes:

  • Security cameras
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Specialized lighting
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting

However, if you are not sure about the category your electrical need falls into, simply contact us, and we will be delighted to help you.

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